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How much money do I have to make to qualify?

The standard income required is 3 times the amount of rent.

Other considerations are, debt to income ratio. How many other non-debt bills do you have? Are you over extended paying for your things such as your child's college tuition? Positive circumstances like, did you have a rough patch but now you have recovered? It's possible you had a medical issue but now you have recovered? Things happen and circumstances change. All things are considered.


How high does my FICA score have to be?

It's not so much a case of a number but more a case of what it shows in recent years. If your report shows you have not met your obligation in recent years, it may point to the fact that you are not in a position to make your rent/lease.


How much is my security deposit and will I get my security deposit back?

California state law limits the total security deposit collected to no greater than 2 month’s rent, or 3 months for a furnished property.
On unfurnished property we may require one month or two months security based on your credit score.

The way this works is, we have no desire to keep your security deposit, but you are in charge of that. One simple rule; leave the place in the same condition as when you moved in. Additional cleaning is done in every unit when a tenant moves out and the carpet is always cleaned at the owners expense, but if there is more than normal cleaning and or repairs done; if the carpet, flooring, appliances, fixtures (any part of unit or home) have to be replace due to your negligence, your security deposit will be used to cover as much of repairs/replacement as it can.


What if I have a prior eviction?

We will take into consideration how long ago that eviction took place and under what circumstances the eviction occurred.


Can I have a pet?

No, animals/pets may NOT be kept on the Premises by the Tenant or their guests unless the Tenant and Owner have approved an Animal Agreement in advance.

Can I get a list of property available to rent?

No. Sorry, that's not what we do. We only showcase the properties we represent. From time to time we may have an agreement with an owner to showcase their property without a management agreement in place, hoping we can find a renter for them and secure a management agreement and fee. Those homes will have pictures and info but no address and contact information.

Note: we are always looking to match great tenants with great housing. Contact us, give us your information. We may be able to help you out.


Do you charge for a credit report?

We can do a pre-qualification check with a copy of a credit report submitted with your application. This way you aren't out any money if you are not going to qualify. You can obtain a credit report online for $8.00. Credit report can not be more than 30 days old.

If you are considered preliminarily qualified, there will be a $30.00 processing fee which will cover us running a credit and background check. The $30.00 fee is paid by cashiers check or money order and is non-refundable.


What happens if I vacate the premises prior to the termination date of the lease?

Vacating the premises prior to the termination date of the lease results in the forfeiture of the tenant’s entire deposit to the owner. In addition, the tenant is also charged for any cleaning or repair costs that may be required to return the unit to the same condition as at the time of possession. If you know you are going to leave, give us notice and allow us to show unit/house, or bring us a qualified renter. If you paid 2 months deposit and you leave the unit/home clean with one week left in the month, we can clean carpet and do additional tidy up work and move a new tenant in the start of the month. In this scenario, there's no reason why you shouldn't get your security deposit back minus a $200 fee for us processing a new tenant mid lease.


How are utility bills handled?

Utility bills, such as electric and gas are billed directly to the tenant.  In the case of a single-family home rental, the water, sewer and garbage bill remain in the owner’s name and are paid for by the owner. The owner may ask to be reimbursed for the garbage bill.


My roommate wants to move out.  Can I change my roommate?

All persons in each residence must be signed on the lease and be pre-approved by Property Management.  A roommate change is subject to Property Management’ approval of the new tenant.  Tenant will be charged $75 roommate change fee for preparing and changing all records.

Property Management must approve any alterations of the lease.  The premises shall be occupied only by those persons who have signed the application, lease, and rules.  Occupancy by any other person is not permitted and will be treated as a breach of the lease agreement.  A tenant violating this provision will be assessed a monthly amount of $100 and any occupant who has not signed the lease will be treated as a trespasser.


Can I have guests stay with me?

Occupancy by guests for more than 14 days is prohibited without the Property Manager’s written consent. Tenant is responsible for their own proper conduct and that of all guests, including the responsibility for understanding and observing all policies and rules. Your rental unit is to be used only as a private residence for those listed on the Residential Lease Agreement.


Can I hang pictures on the walls?

Unless prohibited by the Residential Lease Agreement, pictures may be hung on a thin nail. Mirrors, wall units, hanging wall or light fixtures, etc. need special attention and professional installation. Please contact the Property Manager for approval in advance, as damage to the Premises will be the responsibility of the Tenant.


What happens if I lock myself out of my apartment?

Find the onsite manager to let you in. There will be a $10.00 fee given to the onsite manager. If there is no onsite manager available and someone has to come from the property management office the fee is $50.oo. If it's a single family resident the fee is $50.oo. A locksmith will charge you $75. Money due upon our arrival.


Do I need renter’s insurance?

We highly recommend you purchase renter’s insurance. The Owner’s property insurance policy will not cover the replacement of your personal belongings if they are lost due to fire, theft, accident, earthquake or other types of loss. This includes your vehicles, furnishings, and all other personal property. In addition, you could be found liable if someone is injured on the premises you rent as a result of your negligence. If you damage the property itself – for example, if you start a fire in the kitchen and it spreads – you could be responsible for large repair bills.


How do I make first payment?

Your first payment must be paid by cashiers check or money order.


What if I'm not married and there are multiple persons over age 18?

A separate application is required for each person over age 18. F.A.Q. #7 applies here. With each application there is a processing fee.


How much do I have to pay for your assistance?

Nothing. The property owner pays our fee.