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Home and Complex Owners- F.A.Q.
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What are our fees?

On a single family residence, our fee is half of the first month's rent. There after it's 7% of the monthly rent but not less than $99.

Compare our way to others who do not charge half of the first month's rent, but charge a standard 10% monthly fee starting the first month.
The following example is based on $1,400 rent.

Their way
10% = $140 x 12 months = $1,680 (or 2 years) $140 x 24 months =$3,360

Our way
7% or minimum $99 x 11 months = $1,089 + $700 (half of first month's rent paid) = $1,789
(or 2 years) $99 x 23 months + $700 = $2,977

$109 dollars lower with them after one year, but $383 dollar lower with us after two years; most tenants stay two years.
More importantly, I think you can see, by getting half of the first month's rent, we, (you and "us"), are more invested in each other from the start. Value has been place on our service and a greater value has been placed on your property.

For properties 1- 4 all properties are 7% - For properties 5-9 are properties are 6% - For properties 10 and up all properties are 5% but with any property the minimum fee shall not be less than $99.00

Fingers Agreement, No Contract
If we find a tenant for you but DO NOT enter into a one-year management agreement, our fee is half the first month's rent.

Manage Existing Tenants
Some times another real estate company will find the tenant and take half of the first month's rent as a fee but they do not want to manage the property (in this case we start the first day of second month) Other times we are hired to manage existing tenants; in both cases our fee is 10% of the monthly rental amount.

For properties 1-4 all properties are 10% - For properties 5-9 all properties are 9% - For properties 10 and up, all properties are 7% but with any property the minimum fee shall not be less than $99.00

For 10 or more properties, or If your property is a multi-unit dwelling call us for our fee schedule.

Click at the end of this line to skip down to questions 11&12 which are relevant for a finders agreement situation. Click Here

Because the economics of the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles are vastly differnt, our fee schedule is different for each area.


Do we collect rent for you?

Yes. We collect the rent and deposit funds into your account.


Is there a fee if property or unit is vacant?



Do we added on processing fees when we arrange for repair work, i.e. plumber, electrician?

No. You will pay the exact amount of cost of any repairs as reflected on repair bill. You will also receive a copy of that bill which of course includes contact information of the service company providing the repair.


What happens if the tenant we selected moves out before the end of their first year lease?

We waive the fee charged when placing a tenant in your property if, we are replacing a tenant that did not complete the full term of their first year lease. We do not waive the fee for finding a new tenant if a tenant moves out during any time after the initial first year lease. In simple words, we believe our selection process will find tenants that will complete their initial first year lease.


What happens if a tenant does not pay rent for any month before month nine (9) and has to be evicted?

F.A.Q.# 5 applies plus our eviction guarantee. Ask us about our eviction guarantee.


What bills do you have to pay?

Owner pays water bill and landscape service. Remember, you are relying on the tenant to water the grass for you or you have an automatic system set up. On that note please be mindful of new water conservation rules regarding watering times and duration.

Trash company requires trash bill to be in your name, but you can have the tenants reimburse you for the trash bill.


How long is the contract term?

One year. There is no automatic renewal. If you decide to move back into home, the contract is voided. If you decide to sell the home, the contract is voided. There is a $100 renewal charge if the tenant opts in to an additional year lease. This charge covers the administrative cost for processing renewal paper work.


What is our availability to your clients/renters?

We are available by phone 24/7 for any emergencies and 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday with showings on Saturday.


Do we inspection the home?


Because we don't measure ourselves by the number of properties we manage, we have the ability to do a drive bye inspection
once a month, with
a six month walk through inspection. The grass on your property can die inside of 60 days with no water. Six months is a long time to go without someone taking a look.

Do not take this as a contractual guarantee your lawn will be maintained in perfect condition; what we are saying is we will
put eyes on your property monthly while our competitors often only view it bi-annually.


How do we advertise?

As you know, the majority of advertising happens in social media these days. Signs in the yard are great for drive by traffic, and we do some spot newspaper ads and other promotional advertisement such as event sponsoring.

The internet drives most real estate advertisement these days so of course we use several website sources designed for marketing properties for rent or lease.


How are prospective tenants screened?

Screening of each prospective tenant is of primary importance. After we show the property to an interested party, an application for tenancy is completed. Processing the application includes verifying employment, talking to past landlords, and obtaining a credit report. Normally, applicants with poor credit ratings, collection amounts, public records or poor tenancy history are not accepted as tenants. 

If it's a multi-unit complex the on-site manager may do a pre-screen but the management office still does the deciding screen.


We get it!

Don't let companies fool you with talk of technical expertise. Everyone has access to today's advanced technology. That being said, technology won't look after your investment; it takes human eyes and a sound mental process to manage property. We use technology to aid us as professionals who have taken responsibility for your investment.

Insurance Note: Be sure you have the right kind of insurance coverage for your home as a rental.
Disclaimer: Any figures given on this page are subject to change.
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