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Mon-Fri* 10AM to 7PM
Sundays by Appointment

Our Contact Info
Email, Phone number & Mailing Address

Normal working ours are:
Mon - Fri 10:00AM to 7:00PM

For home or Apartment RENTAL emergencies

>Please read below before calling<

If you only need contact information or to see employees authorized to enter rental skip

is defined as - a substantial water leak has occurred and you can not stop it. If a substantial water leak has occurred please take the first step (if you are in a home not apartment unit) turn off the water line on the outside of the house.
Please do that first then call us any time, 24/7. Do not leave a message, keep calling until you speak to someone. We may step away from the phone and not notice there is a message so do not leave message and assume we will see it.

If the toilet is over flowing turn off the toilet at the turn of valve located on the wall behind the toilet and call anytime after 9:00AM up to 10:00PM so we can arrange for someone to come fix it during normal working hours .

It only becomes an emergency if there is no way to turn off the water supply to toilet and it is over flowing. In this case call anytime of day or night.
Substantial leak is defined as - NOT a drip in the sink; NOT a slow seeping sound inside toilet tank; Substantial means water is running out of a pipe, the wall, the toilet, onto the floor and will not stop. If this is happening, turn off main water valve to the house and call us.
If there is an on site manager, contact them immediately.

Keep in mind, there should be a turn off valve under the sink of newer model homes and apartments. If there is one, shut the water off there so you can still get water through out the rest of the house. These valves can be turned by hand, no tools needed.

Authorized Person(s)
The following notice refers to conducting duties for Property Management,
Person(s) shown on this page have authority to enter homes on behalf of Right 4 U Property Management and Realty
for purposes of conducting property management duties.
IF NOT shown below, they are not an employee of this company, do not allow entry.

If they are a contractors, (plumber, electrician, etc.) we will always give you the name of the person and business that will come to your home. We may even ask them to snap chat with you so you know what they look like. Always ask to see the employee's Drivers License and or work papers before allowing entry.

Name on Drivers License
Derrick Autry

Ask to see I.D.
Before you allow entry


Ask to see I.D.
Before you allow entry

CAL BRE# 01422865

If standing in front of you,
feel free to eamil his phone


If it is an emergency, please remember the nature of cell phones is,
sometimes they don't get signal and you are prompted to leave a message. You may leave
a message, but don't assume we will listen to it quickly. continue to call until you are able to speak with someone. Thanks


Use form below to send maintenance request via email, during and after work hours.
Normal working hours are: Monday - Friday * 9:00AM to 7:00PM

You will receive a follow up phone call.
keep in mind, emails are not viewed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Call us @ 323- 989-3552

If it is an emergency please call first,
after you hang up and after talking to us, send the email for administrative tracking purposes.
Email is also a back up in case phone call not received, our on call maintenance staff keeps email notification on.

We may ask to video chat with you via snapchat so we can visually see the problem.

*Copy and paste this form into the body of your email, then plug in the information.
Do not fill in information until you paste it into your email. Left click & drag from (top) down to our email. Right click & select copy. In your email, right click & select paste.

Last Name

First Name


Unit #


Zip Code

Phone number with area code:

Do you request to be present? (Yes/ No)

(If it is an emergency, the option to be present is not available)

What's time do you prefer? (AM or PM)


send email to: