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Meet the Managing Broker
Broker - Derrick C. Autry
CAL BRE # 01422865

* In 1991 I got my first job in property management, taking care of a four unit complex, managing it until the property sold in 2004. I used the skills learned working with my father who was a general contractor of custom houses to do all my own maintenance including painting.

* In 1998 I became an on-site property manager for a 49 unit complex in Arleta CA. Did this through later part of 2001.

* In 1999 I worked as a leasing agent for very high end property in prime Sherman Oaks, California.

* In 2004 I completed training and passed exam to became a licensed realtor in State of California.

* In 2005 I obtained a reciprocal license in the state of Georgia. My specialty during the housing boom was as a relocation specialist; I moved families that made big money in California to Georgia where they got more house for their $money. My claim to fame was, I always found my clients home the first day they were in town. Actually I found their home a day or two before they arrived because I always spent a day seaching before they got to Georgia, so on their first day, I knew exactly where to take them. They would take a couple of days to convince themselves I was right but in every case they bought the home I picked for them before they arrived in Georgia; yeah I was that good, I was a house hunter.

My particular area of service was the entire west side of Metro-Atlanta. I worked in Carroll, Paulding, Douglas, Henry, and Clayton counties. Went into Fulton, Fayette, Cowetta and Cobb but those counties you paid more money for less house, so never had clients purchase there. Like I said, I worked the entire west side.

Note: Georgia is a lawyer state for closing NOT an escrow state like California.

My license number while I was in Georgia (now expired) was 280037. You can search Georgia Real Estate Commission website.

* In 2006 I completed training and passed exam to become a licensed Broker in the state of California and reciprocated in Georgia. I started my own real estate company in both states and continued moving people from California to Georgia, while primarily selling land and selective property in California. At one stretch I sold a parcel of land every 18 days.

* In 2008, due to the housing bust, I went to work for Countrywide, which at the time was the largest home loan service company in America. I assisting people with home loan modifications and short sales (so still in the mortgage business). I worked for the company after it was bought by Bank of America for a total of five and a half years until the bank closed down the entire Lancaster location in 2013. For all those agents that claim to be short sale specialist, well, I was the guy on the phone when short sales were just starting to happen, teaching agents what a short sale was and how to get a short sale through Bank of America's system.

*In 2009, I studied and passed my license renewal courses. Renewed January 2010

*In 2013, I studied and passed my license renewal courses. Renewed January 2014

* In 20014, mid June, after resting my mind from my time at Bank of America, I began setting up my real estate company so I can once again do what I am very good at, representing buyers, sellers and investors.

*In 2017, I studied and passed my license renewal courses. Renewing January 2018

* In 2017 (and beyond) you became one of my clients!

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