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New Licensed Salespersons

Congratulation to you for passing your test, you've crossed one bridge and now you have to cross another. Picking the right Broker to work under is a very important decision.

Percentages refer to a percentage of what the company is paid as commission, not of the amount the property sales for.

You get 65% of the received commission on your first two deals (deals 1 & 2). 70% 0n deals 3, 4, 5, 6 and 75% from 7th deal on.
With a broker license you get 80%. For both Brokers and Salespeople, if you become a high volumn agent then we can go higher than 80%.

If we offer you a client, a deal, and you accept and work that deal, your commission split on that deal is fifty percent (50%).
If you do a referral, be it out of the area, out of state, or a for a different language, your commission split is fifty percent (50%) of whatever the Brokerage receives as commission.


We also do property management so there's two things we attempt to do. We either get the property owner under a property management contract rent, or we have a finders agreement with the property owner. As an agent we also get paid for finding people to rent the property.

1- If you bring a renter for the property, you get 60% of whatever fee we are paid. We charge(1/2) half of the fist months rent.

2- If you secure a finders fee agreement with the property owner, you get 20% of whatever we are paid. Yes you can get both the 60% for finding the renter and 20% for securing the finders fee agreement for a total of 80%.

3- If you secure a deal for property management, well we'll sit down and figure out what is fair compensation to you based on the deal we have with the property owner.

I'm not a fan of the Keller Williams Team concept but I do understand it so here's our version. It's hard to get new agents to come to a non-franchised office, so every licensed sales person you can convince to join our office, you get 10% of the split on any of their deals up until they hit the 70% commission level. Based on my promotion system that means you get 10% of that person's first six deals. You will be required to double check them during the disclosure part of these six deals, making sure they gave out and received all disclosure due. If you have the experience, it is in your best interest to assist them in the presentation stage of a listing so they can get the listing under contract, but you are not required to do so. Not to be confusing, you get 10% rather it's a sell or purchase. With this minimum participation you will be considered a partner on the deal.

Another benefit of joining my team is, I AM NOT A MEMBER OF CAR, NAR, or a Board. I am only a member of an MLS.

When you took your test there was a question asking, Do you have to join a board or an association? You answered NO (if you got that one right). I've found, the only benefit to joining car/nar is the ability to call the legal team for advise, but you don't have to worry about that because you will ask me. CAR is an association that makes money from you feeling like you have to join. I have no issues with them, I was a member and could be again at some point in the future but for now, I just don't see a reason to pay out so much money just to be able to use their forms.

Here's how it works. If your broker is a member of CAR/NAR, the the agents have to be members of CAR/NAR. If the broker, like me, is not a member then you don't have to put out the extra money to be a member. Most brokers are members which leaves you with no choice but to join. They take the decision away from you.

You're asking, then why does everyone join? Because people do what they are told to do. The only benefit to you is you get to be called a Realtor if you are part of CAR.NAR. If you are not then you are what you are when you past your real estate exam, a real estate license sales person who works under a Broker who is the Agent. Sure, you can call yourself a Realtor but as far as the BRE is concerned, you are still a licensed sales person who has to work under a broker, the BRE and CAR are not associated. Further, I have yet to see how calling myself a Realtor has helped me make a single dime$. I think you will find that it has absolutely nothing to do with your success of failure in this business.

Also, you have to join a board if your broker is a part of CAR/NAR because all the boards work within this system. So you put out money for a board which you are not required to join. You put out money for CAR which you are not required to join, and you put out money for NAR which you are not required to join.

Now that you understand the system that is going on, why not work with me and avoid the extra cost? If you don't like it, you can always move to another office later; and as for the forms, I don't use and ca not use CAR forms since I'm not a member of CAR but guess what, there's no rule or law that says you have to use CAR forms. Someone at the BRE reminded me, "You know you can put a house contract on a napkin and it's still valid." I use forms from First Tuesday, where I do my required education courses; their forms are just as good as CAR's and in most cases not so bloated.

If you don't know anyone who has worked in real estate, let me explain this to you. The way real estate works is this. Broker's take on as many sales people as they can get knowing that some will sink and some will swim. They don't care if you sink, they only care to see who swims. If you don't swim some brokers will drop you, while other brokers will keep you on figuring you will close something at some point which is money in their pocket, but ultimately, sinkers are not their concern. This is business and you have chosen to go into sales where traditionally 20% of the sales force in any sales business makes 80% of the money. What happens to the 80% that don't make money; they drown, they quit, they go out and get another job. Work with me and I'll teach you what you need to know to survive this business and I'm not looking to take on all the sales people I can get my hands on, I only want a few good men and women who are willing to work hard to make the money they need to get what they want out of this life.

We don't operate that way. Everyone in hour office is expected to swim with the sharks and survive. All the attention you need will be given to you because, let's keep it honest, your success is our success.

Of course I have to make the following standard Disclaimer: The percentages and terms listed on this page are not fixed and are subject to change. Nothing on this page should be considered or qualify as an offer for employment. Licensed sale persons are considered independent contractors by the government departments that have jurisdiction over employment laws and regulations.


Well, it's up to you now, there's nothing more I can add. I hope to hear from you. Link to Broker history below.

Best of Luck,


Derrick Autry
Varsity Overdrive Realty
CAL BRE# 01422865


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